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Doors open to Ecopark homes

The first villas belonging to the 500 hectare Ecopark eco-urban township’s Vuon Tung and Vuon Mai gated community villa complexes were handed over to customers on October 8.

Spanning 11.07ha, the Vihajico’s Vuon Tung Gated Community consists of 138 singular and 72 duplex villages and 7.68ha Vuon Mai Gated Community with 109 singular and 34 duplex villas.

Specifically, construction density at these two villa complexes is around 40 per cent only since Vihajico set aside 2.4ha for creating two clubhouse parks with hundreds of perennial trees shading public utilities such as community clubs and a swimming pool.

The villas for hand-over feature a completely-built outer space with a refined front side and complete landscaping and a internal road system. Currently, internal road system and related premises are basically completed and ready for use.

“We are striving to bring a fresh lifestyle for Ecopark prospective residents. By completing all articles for hand-over of the villas, we hope the first residents will be delighted with the meticulously cared eco-friendly environment,” said Vihajico’s deputy general director Bui Tien Hung.

The progress of social and technical infrastructure works in the urban area is also a developer top priority. Construction of training facilities at different grades from preschool to higher education including international schools is now in full swing.

The Hanoi-Hung Yen inter-provincial road to link the largest urban township in the north to Hanoi centre saw construction kick-off in 2009 will be open to traffic from early 2012.

 - Source: Viet Nam Investment Review


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